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When It's Time For The Aircraft's Annual Inspection, Find The Best Mechanic

Central Florida is home to many pilots, especially the proud owners of a wide variety of small aircraft who love the great flying weather. Some pilots even enjoy living in neighborhoods that border their home airfields, offering the dual benefit of neighbors who are all equally enthusiastic about flying and airplanes that are never more than a few minutes walk from the house. When they’re trading flying stories during backyard barbecues, the pilots might include stories about their airplane annual inspections central Florida.

Annual Aircraft Inspections and Unexpected Repair Costs

The FAA requires that most aircraft have an annual inspection to confirm that the aircraft is functioning properly. When mechanical problems are discovered, parts will need to be purchased and the repairs will need to be made. This means that when it’s time for that aircraft annual inspections central Florida, the total cost is an unknown. The pilot may suspect that there is a problem with an EGT probe on the right engine, only to discover that the mechanic has uncovered a long list of very expensive repairs that must be completed before the airplane can be flown again. Whether it’s for business or simply for pleasure, owning an airplane requires deep pockets. That’s just the way it is.

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Inspections must be completed and properly documented by an authorized mechanic. Airplane owners are understandably particular about where they take their airplanes for that annual inspection. When they find a mechanic they trust above all others, they prefer to use that mechanic whenever possible. No one wants to cut corners. A great shop will get the repairs completed as quickly as possible and try to save money on parts by using certified overhauled parts or making shop repairs when they can. Parts can be in short supply for many of the older or even antique aircraft, but the best shops somehow manage to find the parts when they are needed.

The 100-Hour Inspection

Airplanes that carry passengers for hire, such a airplanes used by flight instructors, are subject to inspections every 100 hours of flight time. (This would not apply if the student pilot is receiving training in their own aircraft.) The pilot is allowed to exceed the 100 hours by an extra 10 hours if it’s necessary in order to fly the plane to an authorized inspection facility, but that is considered part of the next 100 hours.

Progressive Inspections

Some owners prefer to have fewer, less time-consuming inspections, especially if their aircraft are frequently flown. Instead of an inspection every 100 hours, they may choose to have a partial inspection every 25 hours, for example. This is acceptable as long as required inspections are completed within the necessary time period.

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